How to do a mail merge in Google Docs & Sheets

Mail merge allows you to personalise a document for different recipients.

Google Docs currently lacks a mail merge feature. But thanks to the free Mail Merge Letter Generator, you can create a mail merge letter with Google Docs!

How to do a mail merge in Google Docs and Sheets

How to do a mail merge with Google Docs & the
Mail Merge Letter Generator

To mail merge your document, simply prepare it in Google Docs and personalise it using the Mail Merge Letter Generator. Afterwards, you can download your mail merge letter for free or send it directly to all recipients by post.

Create document in Google Docs

Create a non-personalised document in Google Docs

Create your document as usual in Google Docs. The document should not contain any personalised elements such as an address or salutation. You’ll insert these later using the Mail Merge Letter Generator.

Save your document as a PDF via FileDownloadPDF.


Create a data source in Google Sheets

Next, insert your recipient data in a Google Sheet. You can also use a similar tool such as Excel. In the first row of the table, insert a column title that will later be used to assign the personalised data.

Choose FileDownloadComma Separated Values (.csv), to download the data as a CSV file.

Create data source with Google Sheets
Upload mail merge letter as PDF
Step 1

Upload your document as PDF to the Mail Merge Letter Generator

Now you can start using the free Mail Merge Letter Generator. In the first step, upload your non-personalised document as a PDF and click "Next".

Step 2

Upload data source as CSV

In the next step, upload the CSV file containing your recipient data to the Mail Merge Letter Generator. After the upload, you can assign table columns to fields for personalisation.

Afterwards, you’ll receive an overview of all the imported recipient data. You can easily add, remove or edit the recipient data.

Upload data
Personalise the mail merge letter individually
Step 3

Personalise your document

Now it’s time to personalise your document. The address and the salutation are automatically placed in the letter. Of course, you can adjust the personalisation any way you want and add new fields in the document via drag & drop.

You can also adjust the font and font size to suit the layout of your letter.

Step 4

Mail merge letter preview

The Mail Merge Letter Generator provides a preview for each recipient. This lets you check that all the addresses are in the right place.

Download the mail merge letter free of charge
Download mail merge letter free of charge
Step 5

Merge data with your document

Now you can generate your mail merge letters. All the letters will be combined into one continuous PDF. By clicking the "Download mail merge letter" button, you can download your mail merge document for free.


Send mail merge letters directly by post

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